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  • Catherine Myburgh

Coconut & Lime Overnight Oats

Super refreshing, light and zingy, yet filling and satisfying. If you’re looking for a no fuss, easy, nourishing and quick breakfast recipe, perfect to take ‘on the go’ or enjoy at home on warmer days. My Coconut & Lime Overnight Oats recipe is definitely worth trying.

I love overnight oats and often find myself making them for days on repeat during summer or semester time. It’s such an easy and refreshing variation from your ordinary hot & steamy porridge and so simple to prep in advance, ready to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Since being back in sunny South Africa, I’ve taken full advantage of all the fresh and juicy topical fruits which I have been adding to my oats daily. I love how these flavours remind me so much of being back in Bali sipping on fresh coconuts or eating fresh local papayas on the beach in Seychelles. Now I’m not that unknowing and do realise that in most realities and most countries there is limited access to reasonably priced and good quality fresh tropical fruits. So, with that in mind I have created this recipe using easily accessible baseline ingredients that still deliver a tropical summer essence.

I recommend using any sustainable, local and affordable toppings that you have access to, whether that be fresh or frozen fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, jams or nut butters etc. In fact, when I take my oats ‘to go’ I actually prefer adding in frozen berries, as they keep the oats nice and cool while providing heaps of beneficial antioxidants.

However, when I do have the time or fancy a ‘boujee’ brunch style brekkos, I love to caramelise my banana in coconut sugar, cinnamon and some coconut oil until golden. In my opinion, this elevates the recipe to a whole new level and can easily be done the night before to save time & effort in the morning.

RECIPE | Serves: 1 | Prep time: < 5 minutes


  • ½ cup quick oats

  • ½-1 cup plant milk of choice (I recommend using unsweetened coconut or almond milk)

  • 1 lime juice & zest

  • 2 tbsp. desiccated coconut

  • 2-3 dried pears roughly chopped (*can sub a handful of unsweetened dried cranberries or golden sultanas)

  • Fresh Toppings: wow the options are endless here, but a few of my favourite suggestions include fresh tropical fruit (papaya, mango, banana, granadilla/passion fruit), fresh/frozen blueberries, local raw honey/agave/maple syrup, hemp seeds, nut butter and caramelised banana.


1. Add the oats, desiccated coconut, roughly chopped dried pear, plant milk, lime juice and zest to a mason jar, bowl or tupperware and stir well to combine.

2. Place oats in the fridge to soak for at least an hour or overnight.

3. The following morning load up the oats with your favourite toppings and enjoy!

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